As of August 2018 over 124,567  wheelchairs have been delivered in 108 countries.


    To date, 703,760 HOURS have been volunteered.


    To date, 1,405,501 HOURS of community service have been documented.


Our goal is to deliver wheelchairs to people in desperate need of them around the world. Through this process, we’re bringing together people in need with people who have a heart to help. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who benefits more!


Throughout the U.S., we receive donations of new and used wheelchairs, parts, raw materials, financial support, and more. These efforts, combined with help from volunteers and inmates, have resulted in shipping an average of 6,000 wheelchairs annually!


Hundreds of volunteers worldwide make our international efforts possible by donating their time, talents, and resources to help our cause. For example, our volunteers:


  • Collect, clean, repair and box donated wheelchairs and other equipment
  • Assist in record keeping, and loading and unloading trucks for pick-up and delivery
  • Make pick-ups and deliveries across the country
  • Help manufacture wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are small gifts that make a life-changing impact for the recipients, their families, and even entire communities.
We’d love for you to join our growing group of volunteers who are helping to change lives around the world! Learn how you can sign up: Volunteer Page


We also get help from approximately 40 inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary and people with disabilities at Refugio de Esperanza in Guatemala to manufacture the wheelchairs. The wheelchairs must also be transported and then fitted to each recipient. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and rehabilitation specialists are frequently involved in the process. These wheelchairs are small gifts that make a life-changing impact for the recipients, their families, and even entire communities. With your support, we can provide more wheelchairs to people around the world. Please consider making a donation today: Donate


Plus, learn about the number of volunteer hours and lives we’ve impacted abroad: Lives We’ve Impacted

Types of Wheelchairs

Hope Haven International distributes a few different types of manufactured wheelchairs. They are all manufactured from new parts and assembled at various locations around the world.

Hope Haven KidChair

Our KidChair was designed with combined efforts from engineering students at Dordt College and rehabilitation engineers and specialists. It’s created in three sizes and easily adapts to a variety of children’s shapes, sizes, and positioning needs. Also, it meets the durability needs of very challenging environments, such as unpaved roads and uneven sidewalks.

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ROC Wheelchair

The ROC Chair is specifically designed for pediatric quadriplegic recipients. It features a “tilt-in-space” function to allow for a specialized support system. It has strong tires to be able to handle the rough terrains in developing countries. The wheelchair is manufactured by inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. Visit rocwheels.org for more information about the chair.

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Refurbished Wheelchair

Thousands of volunteers, many of them senior citizens, invest their retirement years and bring a lifetime of expertise and skill to repairing and refurbishing used wheelchairs, crafting new chair cushions, and sewing wheelchair accessories.

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Refurbished Wheelchairs

We collect manual and power wheelchairs from across the continent to refurbish them to nearly new condition. Volunteers in area workshops rebuild the chairs and package them for shipment overseas.

Global Need

Millions of people worldwide are in desperate need of adequate wheelchairs. Many counties are struggling to provide people with disabilities the transportation and care they need to live a full and prosperous life. Without suitable wheelchairs, support, and training many people are developing further health complications such as bedsores and urinary tract infections.

Make a Difference

Wheelchairs provide people with disabilities the mobility, inclusion, and care they deserve and need. Our ministry provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual, giving people the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!

Distribution Trips

Contact us with questions about upcoming trips and participation.
Hope Haven International
521 N Kiwanis Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
PH: 605-332-8300 FAX: 605-332-8301


Dates are pending and subject to change on all wheelchair distributions. Number of volunteers may be limited based on number of wheelchairs and the need.

September 2018 – Romania – Contact Mark Siemonsma: [email protected]

Fall 2018 – Morocco – Contact Mark Siemonsma: [email protected]

Impact the World

Since 1994, our ministry has donated over 122,838 wheelchairs to 108 of the poorest countries around the world.

Watch the video below to learn about some of the countries and people we’ve been able to help!

Training & Education

We’re always striving to provide the best education and training to our recipients, caregivers, and therapists. It’s important that everyone involved in the process knows how to care for the wheelchair, as well as how to care for typical health issues, such as bedsores and urinary tract infections. The level of training varies on the country and the type of therapists that are involved in the distribution.


For example, in Guatemala, employees who are all wheelchair users themselves are being trained to help fit recipients into their wheelchairs and provide education to the recipients’ families. International rehabilitation therapists, medical professionals, and medical engineers travel to Guatemala to provide educational training for these employees and help with seating clinics. Because of the employees’ life experience, they are able to emotionally and physically assist the families of the recipients.


The University of South Dakota’s physical therapy department, faculty and students also travel to various countries with our ministry for in-field training. Each November, we host a three-week camp in partnership with Bethel Ministries in Guatemala. This camp is a retreat for previous wheelchair recipients and their families, providing an opportunity for them to be removed from their daily activities and enjoy new, fun experiences, go on day excursions, play games, and hear about Jesus. We also take this chance to repair their wheelchairs if needed. Volunteers from the United States and Canada staff these retreats.


Below are some common questions about our wheelchairs, training, and education.



A dedicated group of professionals—therapists, rehab specialists, medical engineers, and volunteers—are along on distribution trips to help specifically fit each chair to each child while in the country. All children are different, and each chair is modified to maximize the child’s potential. Depending on the size of the child or small adult, chairs can be adapted to the person for up to five years.



The wheelchairs are manufactured in the U.S. and around the world by dedicated volunteers such as senior citizens, inmates, and people with disabilities. For example, our shop in Guatemala employs people with disabilities, mostly former Hope Haven International wheelchair recipients, and they are trained to use the equipment with assistive technology. This job offers new opportunities for these people’s families – job skill training, consistent wage, and demonstration to the country of the capabilities of people with disabilities.



Yes, all of our wheelchairs have been tested. For example, our KidChair was inspected by an independent evaluation firm called Beneficial Designs in Minden, NV. The equipment “cleared all requirements” for a person up to 120 lbs. The testing included: drop tests, static test, impact test, and fatigue tests, with every portion of the wheelchair measured and analyzed.



Families or caretakers of recipients are given tools that allow them to make simple adjustments to the sizing of the chair, to be sure the chair continues to be adapted to the person’s size as he or she grows.



The average cost of sponsoring the manufacturing of a wheelchair is $100-$350. This small investment allows you to champion the wheelchair personally for a recipient in desperate need of mobility in a poverty-stricken country. Donors receive a keepsake photo of the child in their newly sponsored wheelchair. Consider making a life-changing donation today. Donate Today