Our Partners

Hope Haven International partners with many organizations around the world to accomplish its mission.

These partners include international relief organizations, service organizations, rehabilitation centers, disability organizations, local wheelchair shops, missionaries, pastors, children’s homes, universities, parent’s groups, foundations, churches, and government agencies. These partners assist in shipping, sponsorships, identifying recipients and distributing wheelchairs, walking aids and therapy equipment.

HHI partners with over 300 non-governmental organizations globally.

“Partnership between Hope Haven and clubs from Rotary District 5220 have resulted in thousands of wheelchairs being distributed to the disabled poor in the developing world. Hope Haven staff are professional, easy to work with, and really understand the Rotary International “matching grant” process.” –Lonny Davis Ceres Rotary Club (CA)

Hope Haven ROC Chair

The ROC Chair is specifically designed for pediatric quadriplegic recipients. It features a “tilt-in-space” function to allow for a specialized support system. It has strong tires to be able to handle the rough terrains in developing countries. The wheelchair is manufactured by inmates at the South Dakota State Penitentiary. Visit rocwheels.org for more information about the chair.


Click here to sponsor a ROC wheelchair for $300 now.

Hope Haven PET Chair

The PET Chair is manufactured in partnership with the PET Project, an organization whose focus is on mobility for those in need. The chair is designed for people with upper body strength, as it’s lever powered by hand-cranks. It has rubber, wheel barrow tires created to handle rigorous, rough terrain. The chair can be easily assembled and maintained.


Visit giftofmobility.org for more information about the wheelchair.

Recent funding partnerships have included

  • Arthur B. Schultz Foundation to help fund a training program for the employees working in Guatemala to be better educated on how to fit children into the KidChair.


  • PET International is a long time partner and specializes in the Personal Energy Transportation, hand crank wheelchair. HHI delivers this wheelchair in various countries around the world and is best for people who live in areas with rough terrain and have upper-body strength.


  • Wheels to Freedom located in Lee’s Summit, MO, serves as a generous collection site for donated wheelchairs to be refurbished. Leaders, Randy & Laura Horn.


  • Samaritan’s Purse and Samaritan’s Purse Canada help with distributing wheelchairs across the globe. In 2010, they partnered with HHI to help with relief efforts in Guatemala when Cyclone Agatha struck the communities near the HHI wheelchair facility.


  • Project Handclasp with the US Navy supports port-to-port sea transportation of containers of wheelchairs. They deliver humanitarian aid on US Naval vessels as space allows.


  • Global Mobility based in Southern California funded over 1,000 wheelchairs to be distributed in Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Hope Haven Partners

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation


Bethel International Ministries

Bayside Medical Missions


Children’s Medical Ministries

Christopher Reeves Foundation

Counterpart International

Dordt College (Sioux Center, IA)

Eleanore’s Project

Feed the Hungry

Food for the Poor

Fundacion Mexicana

Global Health Ministries

Global Mobility

God’s Hidden Treasures

Good Works Institute

Gulf Coast Supply

Hope Haven Canada Ministries

Hodgdon Foundation

International Red Cross

International Relief & Development

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation

Mobilize Mankind

Northwestern College (Orange City, IA)

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

PET International

Portul Sperantei (Hope Haven Romania)

Project Handclasp, US Navy

ROC Wheels

Rotary Clubs (national and international)

Refugio de Esperanza (Hope Haven Guatemala)

Samaritan’s Purse

SG Foundation

Stewardship Foundation

The Mobility Project

Toys for Gods Kids

UCP Wheels For Humanity

Universities across the nation
(such as University of the Pacific, University of Mary, University of South Daktoa, LeTourneau University, etc.)

Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids

Wheels of Hope

World Emergency Relief

South Dakota State Penitentiary

HHI has a wheelchair warehouse inside the SD State Penitentiary, where approximately 40 inmates serve community service hours working on wheelchairs.  It’s a unique partnership because not only do the inmates have work to keep them busy, and the wheelchairs are going to a great cause, but the inmates lives are transformed through the pride they take in their work.  One inmate explains why he builds wheelchairs for people, “We give them freedom…something many of us will never have.” The inmates work 5 days a week on the wheelchairs. The tasks include sewing upholstery, molding trays, refurbishing wheelchairs, and manufacturing the ROC “tilt-in-space” wheelchair.


Jeff who has worked at the prison for many years says: “I could get paid at other jobs in the prison, but I stay here. I get such great satisfaction because little kids are going to get wheelchairs!”


Matthew who also works at the SDSP, states: “The work puts my heart in motion. Working in this wheelchair shop, fixing wheelchairs for little kids, has transformed me, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically.”


TOUR THE PRISON WHEELCHAIR SHOP: If you’d like to see the prison and HHI’s wheelchair shop, contact our Public Relations Office to schedule a date. If you are touring the prison, each person needs to complete the forms below in order to receive clearance from the penitentiary.  (return forms to Hope Haven) Please note that tours in the prison must have a two week lead time.


Main Office: 712-476-2737
Direct Line: 712-476-3117

Hope Haven Canada

Hope Haven Canada (HHC) works alongside Hope Haven International, U.S.A. to deliver independence worldwide through repairing and distributing wheelchairs to needy people in developing countries. They desire to offer the Good News of Christ to the ends of the earth with each wheelchair distributed.  They are committed to serving people in need and trust in God’s provisions for the ministry.


What We Do: Collect wheelchairs, Ship donated equipment to refurbishing shops,
Distribute wheelchairs, Support people with disabilities, Share Christ’s love to the “least of these”.


What You Can Do: Sponsor a Camper: $35, Sponsor a Wheelchair: $50, Sponsor delivery of a Pallet of wheelchairs: $150, Pray for the work of the ministry, Collect old wheelchairs to be refurbished, Volunteer your time for a distribution trip/camp


Hope Haven Canada Board Memebers:

Canadians can make a deductible gift via Hope Haven Canada. Mail donations to the contact information below.


Hope Haven Canada
18362 94th Avenue


BC V4N 4A6
[email protected]

Refugio de Esperanza

In 2008, HHI established Refugio de Esperanza (Hope Haven in Spanish), located in the beautiful area of Antigua, Guatemala.  The facility is a warehouse used for assembling and manufacturing the KidChair. Refugio de Esperanza employs 18-20 people with disabilities – most have previously received their wheelchair from HHI. For many of them, this is their first opportunity to learn job skills and earn a wage for their family.


The employees are trained to operate the machinery with assistive technology and are educated on the manufacturing process for building the KidChair. Many of the employees are also trained to help fit the recipient properly in their wheelchair. They are also able to use their life experience of living in a wheelchair, to educate the new wheelchair recipients and their families – how to deal with pressure sores, urinary tract infections, proper transferring techniques, etc.  The wheelchairs are distributed in Guatemala, as well as around Central America and Mexico.

Visit their website: http://www.refugiodeesperanza.org/

Portul Sperantei

HHI’s global outreach began in Romania in 1996. Officials charged with the overwhelming task of serving thousands of institutionalized people with disabilities requested that Hope Haven Executive Director David VanNingen visit, assess, and advise on more effective implementation. David found people with disabilities living in deplorable conditions, sensed God’s leading, and Hope Haven launched Portul Sperantei/HHI-Romania. In 1996, A missionary couple was hired by Hope Haven to live in Romania and begin a wheelchair ministry.  Daniel Mereuta, born in Barlad, worked under the missionary couple and became the Director in 1999.

The organization not only personally delivers wheelchairs to children and adults in need, but is intentional about building relationships with the recipients and their families.  Portul Sperantei evangelizes to families and follows up with bi-annual holiday cards to verify their address and medical status.


Portul Sparentei also has a school program for children with disabilities. This offers children the opportunity to learn and grow in a school setting. The program is staffed by volunteer teachers and overseen by Daniel Mereuta.


Daniel Mereuta, Director of Portul Sperantei
[email protected]
[email protected]

Hope Haven Vietnam

Hope Haven Vietnam has provided over 15,000 free wheelchairs to people living in poverty across both North and South Vietnam. Recipients include poor children who are blessed by KidChairs as well as war veterans who have not been mobile for decades. Check out the video below for more information on HHI in Vietnam!

Hope Haven, Inc.

Hope Haven, Inc. is the parent agency to HHI and was established in 1964.  Hope Haven serves people with special needs in NW Iowa and in SW Minnesota. Hope Haven offers a variety of services: residential, mental and behavioral health, vocational and employment programs, and family assistance programs.


Visit www.hopehaven.org to learn more about what Hope Haven is doing locally to serve those in need.