Hundreds of volunteers worldwide make our international efforts possible by donating their time, talents, and resources to help our cause.


    We’d love for you to join our growing team of volunteers who are helping to change lives around the world!


    Matching people with disabilities to appropriate wheelchairs provides the mobility, inclusion and care that they deserve.


    Our ministry provides quality wheelchairs that are safety-tested and tailored to meet the needs and size of each individual,  giving people the opportunity to live a fulfilling life!


    Our goal is to deliver wheelchairs to people in desperate need of them around the world.


    Through this process, we’re bringing together people in need with people who have a heart to help. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell who benefits more!

The Story of Hope Haven International

Since 1994, Hope Haven International has been manufacturing and distributing wheelchairs to children and adults worldwide. For many of these people, owning a wheelchair in their country is a luxury. To date, 124,567 wheelchairs have been distributed to people in 108 countries.


Our small town of Rock Valley, neighboring Sioux Falls, is making a big impact in the world—and you can too!


Our ministry is continuously working to help people with disabilities reach their full potential! This is done by developing opportunities to improve the economic position, social welfare, and independence of people with disabilities. We work closely with relief and development organizations, mission groups, and individuals in various countries to deliver wheelchairs to those in desperate need.

As followers of Christ, we unleash potential in people through work and life skills so that they may enjoy a productive life in their community.

The History of Hope Haven International

Can you imagine living with a disability in a village without regular access to transportation, healthcare services, or medical equipment?

In the early 1990s, Hope Haven traveled to the Dominican Republic and Romania to experience firsthand the living conditions children and adults with disabilities were facing in developing countries. Sadly, we uncovered that life was extraordinarily difficult for those living with a physical impairment, especially for children.


We observed countries who were failing to provide accessibility, independence, and dignity to people with disabilities. At that point, we knew that we had to start making an impact!

Shortly after our trip, in 1994, we founded Hope Haven International in an effort to help people worldwide with disabilities reach their full potential. We discovered that by refurbishing and distributing suitable wheelchairs, we could make a profound and immediate impact on people’s lives!


We are proud to report that since the launch of Hope Haven International, over 124,567 wheelchairs have been distributed to people in 108 countries. Our ministry, as with all of Hope Haven’s services, is “a ministry of Christian mercy based on the conviction that God’s Word speaks to and directs all of life.”

Below is a brief timeline of significant achievements we’ve made over the years:

We are proud to report that since the launch of Hope Haven International, over 124,567 wheelchairs have been distributed to people in 108 countries.
Our History


HHI’s parent agency, Hope Haven Inc. is established


HHI was approved by the Board; 15 wheelchairs delivered. First volunteer contributed 4 hours to refurbishing at the Rock Valley, IA wheelchair shop.


The first wheelchair was delivered to Franklin in the Dominican Republic.



Missionaries, David & Mariana Nyquist, moved to Romania to have an in-country presence to deliver wheelchairs and evangelize. Some wheelchairs began being refurbished in-country, by staff and other wheelchair users. Staff member, Daniel Mereuta eventually became director of Portul Sperantei (Hope Haven in Romania).


Wheelchair repair shop opens in the South Dakota State Penitentiary where inmates work on chairs as community service. Wheelchair shop opens in Edgerton, MN.


Wheelchair shop opens in George, IA



Wheelchair repair shop opens in Ireton, IA


To date, 16,000  wheelchairs had been delivered


2011 distribution in Vietnam - Nguyen The Quy

Began partnership in Vietnam to deliver wheelchairs to victims of war and others in need HHI. Vietnamese staff members were hired to continue evangelism and on-going wheelchair distributions.


Wheelchair repair shop opens in Sanborn, IA and Orange City, IA. The KidChair was engineered by students at Dordt College and rehabilitation engineers. Repair shop in Ireton becomes a manufacturing facility for the Hope Haven KidChair.



Wheelchair Distribution Center opens in Sioux Falls, SD
First Spiritual Retreat is held in Guatemala for people with disabilities.


Wheelchair Repair shop opens in Volga, SD


Wheelchair repair shop opens in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa (10th regional wheelchair shop). 10th anniversary celebration – 46,000 wheelchairs had been delivered.


Participated in Hurricane Katrina Relief and sent 583 wheelchairs in partnership with Samaritans Purse; these were the only chairs HHI has distributed within the USA.


Guatemala 2013 (Medium)

Opened wheelchair manufacturing workshop in Guatemala on July 1, 2008 – Refugio de Esperanza. The facility employs 15-20 previous wheelchair recipients to manufacture the KidChair in-country. KidChair passes rigorous national inspection standards test.


Kenya - Jan_2012 - iles images

7,500th KidChair had been manufactured and distributed


Shipped container of wheelchairs to Haiti for victims who were injured in the devastating earthquake; shipment was in partnership with the US Navy.


100,000 total wheelchairs had been distributed in a total of 106 countries


Hope Haven International’s 20th anniversary