Hope Haven Partners with Guatemalan Dental Clinic

In July 2014 Hope Haven partnered with a local charitable dental clinic in Guatemala.  The dental space within Refugio de Esperanza (Hope Haven Guatemala) has allowed for our staff, their families, those receiving wheelchairs and their accompanying family members to receive preventative and restorative dental services. We also continue to work outside the walls of the clinic.  Hilda, our dental clinic coordinator is in the clinic on a regular basis.  We are always seeking dental teams to come down and help in our clinic.  Often times, those who are coming to Hope Haven for wheelchair scholarships are not only facing financial and physical hardships but almost all of them suffer from emergent dental needs.  Since they often spend a significant amount of time around the facility, being measured, fitted and cared for, we are so grateful when we can pass some of that time by also offering them dental care!

If you would like to contribute to Hilda’s salary, clinic supplies, or costs for the clinic to continue running you can make a tax deductible donation by going to Hope Haven’s website.  Choose Donate: “Other” Then please specify as “Dental”.

If you are a dentist or dental volunteer, please contact Krysta Wetzel at  [email protected] or 608-852-2242 to learn more about volunteering in the dental clinic, accommodations, dates, travel, etc.