From Fort Dodge to Guatemala

In 2004, First Presbyterian Church, Fort Dodge, IA, became Hope Haven International’s 9th regional wheelchair repair shop. Dale Daggy, who had retired from a career at Iowa Central Community College and former football official, became an advocate for HHI and paved the way for volunteer efforts to flourish in the community.

The church set up a small shop in the basement, and in 2007 built a garage with work space dedicated to HHI efforts. Volunteering as shop manager, Dale leads repair work, orders parts, recruits volunteers, and communicates with HHI staff. He is not only dedicated to these local efforts, but has been on numerous international wheelchair trips, delivering mobility in Guatemala, Ukraine, and Ecuador.

“To have a mother of a child hug you in tears is very heart warming. I’ve seen the need first hand, so it inspires me to work in Fort Dodge.”

Dale brings teams of all ages to Guatemala for ongoing outreach to deliver wheelchairs and build relationships. The Fort Dodge shop specializes in refurbishing sports wheelchairs, and Dale’s vision is to one day build a basketball court for employees of HHI’s Guatemala Shop. The employees are wheelchair users and many play on the Guatemalan wheelchair basketball team.

When asked why he is involved in the wheelchair program, Dale humbly responds, “I guess God needed someone…and it ended up being me.”

HHI is blessed by the dedication and daily efforts of its volunteers. Volunteers at regional shops have logged over half a million hours to refurbishing and manufacturing wheelchairs.

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Dale Daggy volunteers to refurbish wheelchairs in Fort Dodge Iowa and travels to Guatemala to deliver the to people in need.